Maternity Shiatsu for acupuncturists


Nicola Endicott, Well Mother teacher gave a talk recently for the Acupuncture in Childbirth Team ( group. This is a group of acupuncturists who specialise in working with pregnancy.

The talk was held in Kentish Town in London on the 20th March 2014 and about 30 acupuncturists attended.

They were interested in Shiatsu for common ailments in the last trimester in pregnancy.  As they know the points, then Nicola chose to focus on the practical. She included some  Shiatsu in all fours and sitting towards back of a chair BL and GV, also feeling Girdle Vessel and kyo/jitsu front and back, opening and gathering techniques for the sacrum. They all really enjoyed  doing it and felt they may be able to integrate some Shiatsu work within their acupuncture sessions; some said they really liked connecting to a woman through touch. They asked quite challenging questions to start with, during the initial demonstration: what exactly was Nicola feeling on the abdomen, was it a pulse, what was she trying to do? However, once they had experienced giving and receiving Shiatsu they could feel what was happening so seemed less questioning  and more enthusiastic.

If acupuncturists are interested in more about shiatsu then they can attend shiatsu and maternity care course, perhaps after a short introductory course to Shiatsu touch and basic principals. There is a new course starting in London in June.

If you would like Suzanne or one of the other Well mother teachers, such as Nicola to introduce some shiatsu into your work, do contact us.



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