The power of Yin

People often say to me that they find the work I teach with the Extraordinary Vessels is very Yin. I agree. It is so much about holding, supporting and allowing the body to connect with its deep inner resources. I feel blessed that my journey with shiatsu has led me to such a space of deep connection. This path opened up for me during my first pregnancy with my daughter Rosa Lia who turned 25 in June. She recently studied yoga and traditional massage in India and is now writing about the power of Yin! This feels an interesting expression of my own Jing (Essence).

I’d love to share the piece she wrote. It is printed by the Elephant Journal. Enjoy. I am sure she would welcome your comments and feedback.

Indian temple by Rosa Lia

Indian temple by Rosa Lia


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  1. Yin has been on my mind lately.

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