Valley Fest with Weleda: my love for Bristol

Valley Fest with Weleda: my love for the countryside around Bristol

I had a lovely fun day on Saturday at a beautiful space near my home in Bristol: Chew Valley lake.


Chew Valley Lake

I love walking around here and one of the reasons I have lived in Bristol for so many years, is that I can easily visit so much beautiful countryside.


Another view of Chew Valley lake

This weekend was a slightly different weekend for Chew Valley Lake as the Valley Fest was being held there. This is a small weekend festival, which has been running since 2014 on the beautiful organic farm, part of which is the Community Farm, run by Luke.


Valley Fest

As it was on a farm, one of the main attractions, apart from the music, was the food. There was a focus on organic food and we enjoyed cooking demonstrations using local vegetables and produce, from local food box schemes. Yeo Valley, another local company, was sponsoring the event and selling their wonderful icecreams and other dairy products. There was also the internationally famous Pukka tea company, which is also a local business.

It is a very family friendly festival and there were many children’s activities, some based around farming activities, but also having fun dancing and playing games.

I had been invited to go by Weleda who run the well being area. They had a “nice cream” van, giving out samples of Weleda skin food. This confused a number of people initially as epecially as children were running around with Yeo valley icecreams.  Weleda were also running events such as yoga for children and baby massage. I suggested that pregnancy or postnatal massage might be something to include for the future.


My daughter and I had the amazing Weleda Skin Food facial. They call it a 30 minute miracle worker and it was amazing to receive it lying in the tent surrounded by the sounds of music. I know many of you are fans of Skin Food with its lovely plant actives of calendula, chamomile, rosemary and lavender, enveloped in natural waxes and pure plant oils.


Imagine in a festival field starting with a lovely compress followed by a cleansing which included warm eye pads and then a wonderful massage. The massage included some pressure points as well as relaxing massage strokes.


Skin Food Facial (002)

Weleda Skin Food Facial

Both Rosa and I felt extremely relaxed and well and able to go off to enjoy the rest of the festival, where we had fun hula hooping and interestingly meeting clients and students.


Bristol is such a friendly and vibrant place


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